Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spanking and Sex

They do not correlate and completely separate entities for me. I am a hetero-sexual who enjoys having sex with women around my age. However, I do not get as stimulated as I would receiving a spanking. I can not fathom having sex with any maternal figure that has punished whether its real or fantasy . When I spank my self or if I ever get lucky enough to find a spanking partner sex will not be involved.

When I was in my early twenties I once paid to be spanked by an escort, it was somewhat satisfying. However, lack of understanding and experience on both ends held back any lasting memories. It was comical as she was surprised when I did not want sex. It doesn't compute to have sex with someone who hits me. I say that with a sarcastic and playful tone.

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  1. Well, to many people there is a connection between spanking and sexuality--to me there is since my only spanker is my wife and of course I have an erotic relationship with her. However, spanking doesn't have to include an overtly sexual relationship... --C.K.