Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ignorant and stupidity runs rampant

Over time I have developed an interest in studying death penalty cases. For few reasons. The most intriguing reason is the sociology aspect. I've always wondered what made people commit such brutal crimes. I check out all the various death penalty links every so often and read about the different cases. A few weeks ago I stumbled across the West Memphis 3 case. I will not go into details about the case and visted some of the forums that are dedicated to "supporter" and "non-supporter" as they like to be called.

What I found was bias and complete disrespect for others who did not share the same opinion. In fairness, I entered the fray with only a marginal knowledge and had some assumptions before I posted. My first post on two forums were similar. I asked questions in a opposing view format. I wanted to get quick answers. I also posted what my opinions were while admitting my knowledge was limited.

I was attacked and criticized from the get go. No one liked me. I was accused of having an agenda and making trouble. Even after repeated post indicating my purpose. Most thought I was a "supporter" trying to start trouble. I should have seen that these people were sick but no I stuck around.

It got so bad their when they could not argue a point they started doing searches on my screen name and it led them to this blog and my stories. I was then called a pedophile among other things. Insinuations that I was only visiting that site for sexual reasons despite no one being able to link any of my post with anything sexual in nature. I admitted this blog and my fetish, with out any shame or embarrassment.

this was a mistake, I was called sick and the term pedophile flew around. The idiocy was unbelievable. Some poster labeled me based on a Google search. Did not even read the post.

Maybe I'm wrong. I do not understand how me as a adult wanting to be spanked like a child has anything to do with pedophilia. I have no desires to spank a child. Do not even think about it. Guess I understand how gays and other minorities feel. I can not begin to understand the level of frustration at the lack of understanding.

Part of me understands that there dumb people but still irritates the fuck out me. I digress. Fuck'em. Some of them will get payback soon enough. I promise that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lack of Feedback

I've decided to stop publishing my stories as my feedback is almost non-existent. While I enjoy writing, I see no reason to continue posting them. The blog has not caught on like I hoped it would and this will be my last post. Take care everyone. Guess not many people are interested in my particular kink. Oh well.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Its The New Year and Been Busy

I have not forgotten the blog just been busy with my day job. Playing poker takes a lot of focus and consequently several of my hobbies fall on the back burner. Might be a few days or weeks before I get around to another story. Have plenty of ideas. Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll have some new content shortly.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years!

Guess it's that time of the year again. I think Vegas will be packed to the gills with people, which is good the city really needs it. I'm not much on partying so likely will go play some poker and grab some of the tourist money.

Have not felt like writing in a few days so no new stories. Maybe in a few days I'll have one.

Met a nice lady online and we seem to share a lot of the same spanking kinks. I look forward to getting to know her better and building a long-term cyber relationship. As I mentioned before its hard to find people who share common interest.

Well to everyone who reads Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another New Story

This has an over the knee spanking in it for all those who's been asking. To date, this one is my favorite. If you notice I'm breaking sequence and skipping Chapter 4 as this idea came too me and I really wanted to write about it. Chapter 4 will be posted as soon as I'm done with it. As always I welcome feedback and comments.


Chapter 5 Slip&Slide

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Other Ramblings

Merry Christmas everyone. I seem to be getting my fair share of hits and wanted to thank everyone for visiting my blog. I'm spending the holidays by myself here in Vegas and pretty happy with it so far. Doing some writing and I will have another story posted in the next few hours or tomorrow.

Been spending some time in the chat room and am realizing its a futile attempt to try and get any ladies to play with. The ones that do always quit at critical juncture such as when the spankings occur and can be frustrating on several levels. Leads me to believe that there are poor souls in this world who enjoy screwing with people. Its sad that they get their enjoyment by doing this.

It's not all bad as I have met a few people that are honest and genuine which make it fun. I will probably stick with those few instead of opening up to new people. As much as I don't want to admit and as cheesy as it sounds I get emotionally involved when I play and when someone quits its a kick in the your know what. This makes me think its going to be rather difficult to find a real life partner to share spanking fun. But I digress.

On a positive not I am writing a story a day it seems like. I'm on hiatus from my day job until after the holidays. I find it enjoyable to write on several different levels. Not just for erotic reasons but to explore other areas of my mind that haven't been explored before, for what ever reason.

I am currently attempting to get my stories archived at Spanking Library . It seems they have a way to show how many people are actually viewing them. For those of you reading thanks again and please post feedback if you enjoy my stories. I can be found in Spanko Chat room at varying times during the day under the user name billy30mvegas. Stop by and say hi!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Story Posted

Guess I have the writing bug. This one is more of a story to develop future events and does not contain a spanking in it. However, there are embarrassing situations and the addition of a few characters. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment!

A Day at School

What I liked about this story was to demonstrate "Billy's" ingrained knowledge that all spanking are supposed to be bare bottom. I'm not sure if I conveyed it as good as it is in my imagination.

This is likely the second part of the trilogy of the days events in this new series I'm writing. The next story I have some great ideas. I also can not wait to explore other exploits after I'm done with this particular days circumstances.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Story Posted!

If you like M/m embarrassing situations take a gander at this story.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Feedback for Spanking Stories and My Blog

I've wondered if people were actually reading my blog and stories. After I added a hit counter I now know I have visitors. In fact I had 84 surfers drop by yesterday. While relative to the entire web that is extremely small but to me its a lot.

Now that I know people are dropping by I would like to get feedback for my stories and other blog content. So if you have time drop line and let me know what you think. I'm mainly looking for reactions to my stories as I've noticed they get read but feedback is limited. If you have a suggestion for a story let me know that too. It helps me know that other people are enjoying my writings. It would also tell me if I'm wasting my time. Any feed back that has constructive criticism is welcome as well.

I'm frequently chatting at SPANKO and if you would like to chat about spanking my screen name is billy30mvegas. There is a link in the top right hand corner labeled chat. Click it and follow a simple registration process and viola! your there. Its by far the best chat site I've found if you have any better ones let me know. Always at least 50-100 spankos on at all times.

Till next time Billy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two New Stories/Chance for Spanking

As you may notice I have completed two new stories. One is fiction and the other fact. The one about my report card describes a more common spanking I received when growing up. Noticeably less severe as the first few I wrote. The second is a rather common fantasy I have and I think most will enjoy.

On another note, I was approached on a chat site about meeting with a woman in Vegas for a spanking session. While I was really tempted to go meet her, it turned out way too short notice for my comfort level.

It was midnight and I received a message asking if I wanted to play tonight. Turns out this lady was in Vegas for the week and was leaving the next day. To add to the dilemma was her particular kinks matched up with mine. However there were a few that I wasn't interested in. I ended up apologizing and not accepting her invite. While I wanted to, it did not seem smart to have an encounter with someone I have never met. One day it will happen.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Note About My Stories

It is often asked when talking about my childhood spankings is how I dealt with the abuse and other associated stuff. It is important to understand that almost certainly my memories are impacted by my erotic nature. Consequently, the spankings in my mind very well could have been more severe or painful than they actually were. While the general premise and event occurred the amount of licks and the time I cannot possibly remember with any degree of certainty.

Spanking Chat Rooms

I've started to make an effort to participate in some the spanking community's online activities. Before I wold just search for spanking videos and stories with not much success finding what I wanted. Mostly because I did not know what I wanted. Now that I have written some stories it has help put in perspective and a definition of what exactly I seek.

I searched several hours looking for message boards and eventually tried to find a chat room. When I'm researching, I get kind of compulsive about it. My mindset is always that the information is out there you just have find it. Most of the time this is true. However, it proved somewhat difficult and frustrating. However I finally found a place that actually had real people much less a much better than expected amount of people. I was now a chatting spanko!

I got lucky and the 1st supposed female I spoke to actually chatted with me for a while. Females will hardly answer you on this site, much less anywhere else. Not unexpected as the ratio is dis-appropriated and they get inundated with request. Mainly this nice lady from the UK wanted to talk about how were punished growing up. Which was cool with me.

I must say their are several aggravating factors to chatting. People Will invite you to a private chat and soon as they find out your sex they leave without typing why and causing you to wait and ponder if they are still their or did you freak them out. Most people are selfish in the fact they want their needs filled and don't seem to give respect to others desires. Several times people would chat with me and ask me all these questions and when I asked them a question they responded with another question of me. Me, Me, Me. I've started to be a little more assertive after wearing my hands out answering all the questions and realizing that I'm not getting any satisfaction. I'm being was used, I was a spanko slut.

Another thing is people pushing their particular kink on you, when you request specifically that you do not wish to explore that. I'm all for trying new things in which I did and found quite enjoyable. However, a few things freaked me out.

I'm planning on writing a story about two of my encounters. While two scared me.
One guy wanted to dominate me and try and convince me I did not know what I wanted. He suggested that I would love to have another man fondle me, which I find repulsive. While I don't judge people that have kinks there are things of which I'm uncomfortable with and find distasteful. I wont ever tell someone they are sick because of their desires. Just don't force it on me. Out side of my age play maternal B.S. bullying will get you in a fight with me quick and I wanted to stomp this guy. That person was homosexual freak who was obviously insecure about his manhood.

There are cool people who like to just explore. Everyone seems to be fascinated with how I was spanked. I keep trying to point them to my posting at S.S.S so I don't have to keep repeating over and over but they cant seem to find it and the software does no support copy/paste.

I actually ended up giving a age play spanking to a new guy to the scene just like me. At first I thought it was going to be a dud. He was never spanked as a child and shy about what his kink. But as we chatted I could tell he was being aroused by my answers to his questions about my childhood spankings. I could tell he wanted to be me in my punishment descriptions and earlier in the session he remarked his fantasy was to be spanked as a 14 year old boy. I asked him if he was aroused by what I was writing, I had to caveat that with the fact I was asking for a reason other than for sex. He said very much so. My heart was pounding and I took a chance and immediately started role playing telling him to pull his pants down. He said yes sir. My stomach was in knots and I was becoming really worked up. Not that I really wanted to spank a 14 year old boy but rather I could describe a spanking to him to which I would want my "maternal" figure to give me. He worked out really well for both of us. I learned a valuable lesson. Keep an open mind. You can find enjoyment in places you would not normally look. He got his ass severely tore up with a belt.

On another occasion with a gentlemen he assumed the role of my mother in a maternal discipline scene. He turned out to be a writer rather than a spanko. He was attracted to the drama and story a spanking created. He was great at descriptive events during the spanking I received. It was incredible erotic to have a virtual mom tear my ass up fulfilling my desire for maternal spanking. And again showing me I could find enjoyment in odd places, since he was in real life a real male. He portrayed an excellent mother figure albeit different than mine. He has actually written and posted stories on SSS. We ended up talking politics for a few hours after. Nice guy although some of his world views are misguided.....J/K.

So my venture in cyber spankings via chat was both frustrating, interesting, and fulfilling. While one out every ten people you talk to will result in some kind of spanking activity if you keep an open mind you can find new and erotic things to which you never would of thought.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spanking and Sex

They do not correlate and completely separate entities for me. I am a hetero-sexual who enjoys having sex with women around my age. However, I do not get as stimulated as I would receiving a spanking. I can not fathom having sex with any maternal figure that has punished whether its real or fantasy . When I spank my self or if I ever get lucky enough to find a spanking partner sex will not be involved.

When I was in my early twenties I once paid to be spanked by an escort, it was somewhat satisfying. However, lack of understanding and experience on both ends held back any lasting memories. It was comical as she was surprised when I did not want sex. It doesn't compute to have sex with someone who hits me. I say that with a sarcastic and playful tone.

A Little About Me & Spankings

My name is Billy and I have a spanking fetish that involves me being punished by a maternal figure while I assume the role of a 7-15 year old boy.

There is a dearth of people who actively participate or associate with my particular spanking fetish. Consequently, I'm left to my imagination to create new and erotic stimulation. With that said my most erotic and pleasurable experiences still comes from my memories of being bent over getting my bare butt tore up with a belt by my "mom". It is important to note that I do not associate my real mother with any of those memories, rather I use other women who I view as maternal and would like to spank me.

I've recently started to write about my experiences growing up and found new and pleasurable thoughts that I never knew existed. Every time someone reads one of my stories and post positive comments it provides an erotic sense of success. I equate that as me being a little boy who is being watched while suffering through a bare butt spanking. It adds to the embarrassment of my little boys psyche which as an adult I find erotic. For writings on my background into my spanking fetish and childhood visit this link:

I've also started to post memories and stories about my childhood at which you can access through Google groups. Along with this blog I hope I can have a successful and fulfilling exploration into my sexuality that I can share with others. If you read and enjoy my writing please comment.

If you share similar erotic feelings as me please post your experiences and thoughts. You may want to visit as well. I'm also always looking for writings or other content that feature a F/m dynamic.

I do not and will not tolerate any solicitation or request for real life underage spanking pornography i.e. videos, pictures. If it occurs I will report to the authorities.

Further I'm not into real life children being used for spankings. In fact, I am anti-spanking due to the traumatic and abusive nature of my upbringing. While I've dealt with these issues and now love my "deviant" sexual nature, I would never, ever wish my child hood on a kid.